Angel Vapors
The e-cigarette and vapor specialists

Here is a little story about us and our vapor family...

We opened Angel 81 Vapes, in February 2011 as the first vapor store in Panama City, Florida. We started the store for two main reasons. 1) To honestly help people quit smoking cigarettes and prolong their lives and 2) to make it affordable with good quality products. The store was designed to be casual and laid back. We wanted a place people could not only shop, but feel comfortable to hang out and vape. A place with great customer service, satisfaction and where you can enjoy the light hearted atmosphere. We might not take ourselves too seriously but we are serious about our product. We purchase our nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and flavorings directly from the American manufactures. We mix the flavors and final blends using liquid calculations to ensure a consistent product. At first it was just Trisha and I working the shop and getting to know the local vaping community. By August of 2012 we had outgrown our site, so we moved to our current location at 259 W. 15th St. and shortened the name to Angel Vapes. In April 2013 we opened a location in Panama City Beach at 7328 Thomas Dr. It has a more upscale and “beachy” atmosphere and is named Angel Vapors. Many of our customers at this new location were just visiting on vacation and wanted to be able to order our flavors from home, so we created this website. I hope I didn’t take up too much of your time with this, as people say I love talk. If you are ever near one of our locations, please feel free to stop in as I really do love to talk….