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About Our E-liquids
We are all proud of our 100% American made e-liquids. To make this clear; our nicotine is manufactured here in the United States, our vegetable glycerin is manufactured here in the United States, our propylene glycol is manufactured here in the United States, the flavorings we use come only from American manufacturers. All of our ingredients are FDA or USDA approved and manufactured to meet kosher requirements. Our liquids are made up of a maximum of four parts:

                                                               (1) Nicotine (L-Nicotine)
                                                               (2) Propylene Glycol
                                                               (3) Vegetable Glycerin (Glycerin)
                                                               (4) Natural and Artificial Flavorings

We create our custom blends and flavors of e-liquid in our own lab. Currently we offer a 50/50 mix of VG/PG as we found this mixture mimics the feel of a conventional cigarette the best. We also offer an optional high VG blend that is at least 70% VG that is suited for dripping and most sub ohm tanks. On top of that we offer a Max VG line that are each approximately 90% VG. The mixtures that contain more VG do create more vapor, but they are thicker and tend to clog regular tanks quicker and therefore burn out the equipment faster.

Our promise to our customers: We will only use 100% American liquids, and we will never cut or add anything to our products other than the 4 ingredients listed above.