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eGo Battery Care

Your battery has an on/off switch. Press the button quickly 5 times to turn it on or off. This is important if you put the e-cigarette in a pocket, purse or back in its carrying case. If the button is held down for 17 seconds it will automatically shut off, but in that time it is likely to have burned out the clearomizer (the part that holds the liquid).

It is VERY important when attaching the battery to the clearomizer or charger to only screw it on snug enough to make contact and not “walk” off (loosen on its own). Tightening the battery too tight can cause damage to the battery or the attachments. To charge the battery, plug in the USB charger and check that the green light comes on, and then snugly screw on the battery until the light on the charger turns red. When the light on the charger returns to green the battery is charged and ready to use. The charger has built in circuit protection so that the battery can be left on the charger until it is needed. Please do not use any charger but the one supplied with the batteries as damage can occur.

The new GS eGo II batteries now have a low battery indicator built in. When the button lights up white you have more than 50% of the battery power remaining, when it is blue there is 25-50% power remaining and when it is red there is less than 25% of the battery power remaining.

Your e-cigarette battery is a complex electronic device, and should be treated with the same care as a cell phone or camera. Do not expose it to liquids, extreme temperatures, flames or drop it on hard surfaces.