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iClear 16 Rebuildable Clearomizer Operation

First, unscrew the mouthpiece in a counter clockwise motion; tilt and fill along the sides of the tank (avoid getting e-juice in to the air-hole in the center). FILL TO 1.6ML MAX Next, screw the mouthpiece back onto the iClear 16 Rebuildable Clearomizer. Attach the iClear 16 Rebuildable Clearomizer back onto the battery. The first time the clearomizer is filled with a new wick, make 4 or 5 slow steady puffs on the mouthpiece without pressing the power button on the battery. The iClear 16 Rebuildable Clearomizer is now ready for use.

To change the wick in the iClear 16, take off the mouthpiece and empty all excess liquid, then unscrew the knurled bottom piece in a counter clockwise motion. Hold the smaller knurled section at the base of the wick and unscrew it in a clockwise motion. Reattach in the reverse order and refill the tank.