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Vertex RDA - Stainless


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Vertex RDA
The Vertex Authentic clone RDA is truly a one of a kind piece and pushes innovation in RDAs to new limits! Slotted Cyclops airflow always brings the best vape, but getting better flavor and vapor production in a small package is tricky. To address this, a total of 6 Air slots outfit the atty. The air slots are cut to different thickness, to create a truly adjustable vortex effect, by modifying the air speed. The full effect is a coil that has more air passing over its surface area at the correct speeds and placement, low pressure at the bulk of the coil, high pressure above and below to pull the vapor away from it.

22mm Design
Tri-pole build deck
Machined out of a solid block for the deck and negative posts
2mm negative post hole
2.5mm positive hole pole
8mm solid peek insulator
Reduced chamber
6mm deep juice well
Screw head type fasteners
Dual or single airhole






Rebuildable atomizers are only for experienced vapers with access to multimeters and a working knowledge of how electronic devices work. Please ensure to take care so as not to cause damage/harm to the atomizer, vaping device, or yourself.