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Smok The Kick


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The Kick - Wattage Regulater
Smok's The Kick is an adjustable wattage drop in module designed to be used in various mechanical mods with IMR batteries. The Kick is designed to be used in 18650 sized metal tube devices (max 19.5 mm internal diameter) using an 18500 IMR battery. It can also be used in 18500 sized tube devices (max 19.5 mm internal diameter) with an IMR 18350 battery. Many mechanical mods now have a special section designed with the kick in mind. You can have all the same features as the expensive VW devices in your mechanical mods. Unlike variable voltage, The Kick’s Power Regulation microprocessor will automatically, and constantly, adjust both the volts and amps levels (as needed) to provide consistent wattage (vaping heat) output. Once a user finds their preferred watts output, the Kick is more of a set it and forget it design. This is because the Kick will boost and regulate the power to provide the same watts output consistently from first activation to the last regardless of the cartomizer resistance.

Using a small Philips screw driver you can adjust from 5W(all the way to the left) up to 12W(all the way to the right).

Place The Kick into the mod atop the positive terminal of your IMR battery with the adjustment dial facing up.

NOTE: The Kick will not work with low drain protected Li-Ion batteries such as those from Ultrafire. You will need to use a High Drain IMR battery to power the Kick.

The SMOKTECH The kick has many built in safety features. Low voltage cut off - When battery volts is 3.2v, the low voltage protection disables the mod from working to protect the battery and user.
Low Resistance cut off - When output resistance is lower than 1.0ohm, the kick will enter into low resistance protection.

Reverse battery shut off.

Over heat protection.

The Kick can be used with 1.5ohm~6.0ohm atomizers, with the 5W~12W variable watts, sequence with +/-1W.
Max current is 5A